A premium super food with powerful, enzyme enhanced, nutritionally balanced constituents.

Superfood Supplement

Designed as a premium super food with powerful, enzyme enhanced, nutritionally balanced constituents, NCP’s Superfood Supplement allows proper utilization, providing total nutrition for nutritional maintenance. Specifically formulated to provide the essential factors necessary to properly nutrify and build a healthy body.


As technology races to keep up with a rapidly increasing population, food production rightfully becomes a predominant issue. However, the quality of foods produced must be carefully scrutinized. As plant and animal foods are engineered to grow faster, larger and more abundantly, the quality and balance will undoubtedly be compromised. This can result in starvation even in the midst of an abundant supply. Even fresh, raw goods, when grown on deficient, overtaxed soils, lack the vitamins, minerals and enzymes necessary to properly undergo nutritional conversion into the body’s essential building blocks. Finally, cooking, processing and preserving assure the ruination of most foods available today. The NCP Superfood Supplement offers the perfection of a natural food convenient to today’s lifestyle.

A culmination of fresh juice concentrates, whole foods, cleansing herbs, natural vitamins, minerals, probiotics and enzymes complete this formulation. By design, this superior quality whole food product allows the modern consumer to feast from the bounty of nature, while enjoying the convenience of a rapidly advancing culture.

Protein is the essential building block of the body. Vital to processes such as the transport of vitamins and minerals, and necessary for the production of metabolic enzymes and hormones, proteins are critical for immunity. Although protein is the most difficult dietary constituent to digest, it is the most important nutritional factor to consider. Special care was taken during formulation to ensure that 19 amino acids in whole food form are delivered in each dose of Superfood in addition to a full complex of the essential fatty acids.

The average person’s dietary habit includes only about 20 foods. This habit dictates the individual’s body chemistry. Stimulation with the same foods over prolonged periods limits nutritional protocol and sets the course for degenerative conditions particular to that chemistry type. Supplementation with Natural Choice Products Superfood Supplement ads synergistic balance to the daily dietary stimulus and relieves taste driven imbalances.

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